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Measurements are integral when determining how to stretch your budget. Once you’ve determined the budget for your kitchen or bathroom, the fun starts! Accurate measurements help determine exactly how large your cabinets need to be, the maximum amount of space your vanity can occupy, or the overall area of your countertop. Download our measurement form or get in touch and we’ll measure for you… Ready, set, measure!

Have your measurements ready? Email your goals and measurements to: or contact us below to schedule an appointment!

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Custom Cabinets - Bathroom & Kitchen Cabinetry - Omega

Omega's custom cabinets feature furniture-quality finishes, a selection of embellishments, and customization to make your home-design dreams a reality.

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Affordable Bathroom & Kitchen Cabinets - Homecrest

Affordable cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms from Homecrest help create personal, organized designs for your home.

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